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TIS-UK is committed to supporting and developing mentally healthy cultures in schools and other organisations, informed by trauma informed practice and the power of an emotionally available adult to buffer the impact of childhood adversity. There are a range of Covid-19 support resources for parents, schools and settings on their site.

Visit the Trauma Informed Schools UK website

Tips from the Mental Health Foundation which are constantly being updated.

Visit the Mental Health Foundation website

Dr Karen Treisman talks about how we need to reflect that we may currently be operating in survival modes and that the challenges of Coronavirus (Covid19) make cause past traumas to resurface 'Covid19- falling down a memory timehole'.

View Dr Karen Treisman's video on YouTube

Every Mind Matters is an NHS website with helpful tips and advice on taking care of your mental wellbeing while staying at home.

Visit the Every Mind Matters website

This Australian site provides guidance on offering mutual support through empathic listening. "Just listening for Covid-19". Connecting emotionally with others at this time is a way to feel deeply listened to. We can then begin to understand our common emotional distress and find hope and meaning in mutuality. 'Emotional distress around COVID-19 is not a 'mental illness': It is an understandable and common human experience'"

Visit the Just Listening website

The organisations below offer practical tips on how to manage mental health for those with existing conditions or who have developed symptoms during this period of self-isolation and cannot access their normal forms of support, as well as support and guidance for managing conditions more generally:

OCD-UK: OCD and Coronavirus Top Tips.

Visit the OCD UK website

Beat Eating Disorders: Eating Disorders and Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Visit the Beat Eating Disorders website


The Sanctuary, a chat room and safe space for people with an eating disorder to share concerns and advice on how they are coping with the pandemic.

Visit The Sanctuary chat room

Papyrus, prevention of young suicide: helpline and supporting resources.

Visit the Papyrus UK website

Bipolar UK: Bipolar disorder and Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Visit the Bipolar UK website

The Stay Alive App: An app for those at risk of suicide and those worried about someone else.

Download the Stay Alive app

CALM: Helpline for everyone but especially men, and tips on coping with social isolation.

Visit the CALM website 

Mind: Coronavirus (Covid-19) and your wellbeing.

Visit the Mind website

Anxiety UK: self-help resources for anxiety related conditions.

Visit the Anxiety UK website

Support for victims of domestic or sexual violence and abuse: Coronavirus (Covid-19): Victim and witness services.

View the Victim and Witness Services guidance