South Yorkshire Futures has launched a new scheme to actively encourage and support people take up school governor roles across the region.

The 'Volunteer to be a Governor' programme has been launched for Sheffield Hallam University staff in order to increase the number and raise the quality of School and College Governors and Directors of Multi-Academy Trusts in the region.

School governing boards require people from different backgrounds with a wide range of professional skills to drive school improvements and make a real impact across South Yorkshire - matching the South Yorkshire Futures mission to improve standards of attainment at every age and stage.

The scheme, which is part of the Aspiration strand of South Yorkshire Futures, is an opportunity for volunteers to further develop strategic leadership skills, project management, budget management, teamwork and communication, problem solving, and much more.

More than 20 staff from Sheffield Hallam signed up to be governors at the launch event and will now be placed at schools across the region according to need.

Carol Castle, joint lead for the Aspiration strand of South Yorkshire Futures, said: "When people choose to become a school governor, they can make a real impact in the community, using their knowledge and expertise to enhance educational health locally, so I’m really pleased that we’ve introduced this scheme at Sheffield Hallam as part of the South Yorkshire Futures programme."

"Becoming a governor is a rewarding experience and ultimately offers you a chance to give back and support raising educational attainment in the region. As a governor myself, I can also say on a personal level it has allowed me to enhance my professional skills beyond the workplace."

The next stage of the project will see South Yorkshire Futures encourage workplaces across the region to use the same model in order to support more professionals into school governance.

SYF Governors Project 1

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