South Yorkshire Children's University

South Yorkshire Futures has partnered with the Children's University to encourage the take-up of extra-curricular activities for children across the region.

The Children's University is a national initiative that celebrates participation in learning activities and opportunities outside of normal school hours.

Every hour of activity earns children involved a credit; these credits are logged in a Passport for Learning and then converted into awards. Children must earn 30 credits for Bronze, 65 for Silver and 100 for Gold, this goes up to 1000 credits.

Sheffield Children's University launched in 2008 and is now the biggest Children's University programme in the UK, with 45,000 children and young people, 73 schools and 220 activity providers involved. More than 15,000 pupils have attended a graduation ceremony.

Regular research and monitoring by the Sheffield Children's University team has shown that children in the region taking part in Children's University made two additional months progress in reading and maths compared to children in other schools.

In 2019, Sheffield City Region Mayor Dan Jarvis pledged £95,000 of his Mayoral Capacity Funding to support the expansion of the highly successful Sheffield Children's University model across South Yorkshire, working with South Yorkshire Futures.

Katie Hamshaw and Helen Oades have been working within Sheffield City Council to expand the Sheffield Children's University programme for over 10 years. They are now also working with South Yorkshire Futures and the Sheffield City Region to develop and support a South Yorkshire Children's University.

How to get involved
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