We’re pleased and proud to share the 2018/19 ‘Sheffield Children’s University – How does it make a difference?’ report which provides detailed evidence of the impact of Children’s University (CU) in Sheffield. The report provides evidence of the real difference being part of Sheffield CU makes and includes in-depth analysis of the impact of participation in CU activities on attainment and attendance, and progress measures, as well as anecdotal evidence of impact through a number of case studies.

“I remember coming to the ceremonies with all my friends. It was like a huge gathering for all of us, to get dressed up and feel special which was great. I took my Mum to the ceremonies with me. When she realised all of the amazing things I had been doing through this programme, she was really proud of me and it brought us closer together. My CU experience has definitely aided in my success in gaining a place at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts because without it, I wouldn’t have been so interested at a younger age and I wouldn’t have been so proud of myself, to then push myself to go further with it.”

Stephen, Sheffield CU Alumni

The full report can be viewed online by following this link: https://tinyurl.com/SheffieldCUImpactReport2019

Find out more about Sheffield Children’s University on their website: www.childrensuniversity.co.uk or on Twitter by following @SheffieldCU