Covid -19 is an unprecedented challenge for us all.  At the outset of the pandemic the Sheffield Business Together (SBT) steering group felt the immediate priority was ensuring our food banks had adequate food to help the most vulnerable in our city.  Donations had been severely reduced due to panic buying and demand had increased in some food banks by 300% as schools closed and people experienced hardship. Given most businesses had implemented some form of home working we asked those not in hardship to consider donating a week’s bus fare, petrol, parking charges, or whatever they could afford.

Donations to date and the impact it makes

Due to your generosity, we have raised a fantastic £95,000 since the launch of the campaign in April (including £25k donated by SYCF from the National Emergencies Fund and £10k from the Sheffield Town Fund). This has been shared with the 15 food banks in the Sheffield Food Bank network.

Rachel from Burngreave food bank explains the difference your donations have made:

Since the start of the pandemic, Burngreave food bank has handed out over 1800 food parcels, feeding approximately 4500 people. The fact that this represents more than our entire annual output last year, and a disproportionately higher number of children are represented, shows the impact of the pandemic on families. We would not have been able to meet this level of increase in demand without the support of our donors and are so grateful for the generous donations that we received due to the Sheffield Business Together campaign. This has enabled us to buy in provisions of items that we have run short of. It’s easy for numbers to hide that fact that each food parcel represents a struggle by an individual or family, to put food on the table, and all the accompanying distress and hardship that accompanies this situation. The relief that is seen on some faces as they receive the food delivery tells the true meaning behind these figures”.

How you can help

The increased demand on the food banks has continued to be around 200% of pre Covid levels and has risen again due to the current lockdown.

In addition to their normal donations, the food banks are planning to provide turkey and all the trimmings for those most in need this Xmas.  We thank you so much for your generosity so far but if you can help with this Xmas appeal it would be most appreciated.

There are several ways you can donate. You can donate via our GoFundMe page

Or for those that contributed directly to the food bank by bank transfer, below is a reminder of the bank details.

Bank detailsCo-Op Bank

Sort code: 08-92-99

Account Number: 65702615

Payment Reference: If you could annotate your payment reference with your business name and the campaign – Covid 19. By doing this we can trace payments back to businesses which will be useful for those that match fund and to also thank folk.

You can also donate by PAYPAL or cheque by visiting the food bank website. Scroll down to the Donate Money section. If you are paying by PAYPAL please use the above payment reference convention in the add note box.

All donations will be shared with the 15 food banks in the network.

Thank you so much for supporting this campaign it has made such a massive difference to the food banks and the most vulnerable in our city, who they continue to support at this very difficult time.